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Camper & Travel Trailer Insurance

Protect your camper with FNISC. Get auto insurance that’s right for you.

What travel/camping trailer insurance covers

Insure your travel/camping trailer against damage and loss caused by common risks, such as fire, storms, theft and collision. Property covered can vary, so what coverages are available?

  • Bodily injury to you or someone else caused while towing your travel/
    camping trailer (extended from towing vehicle liability coverage)
  • Damage to travel/camping trailer caused by an accident
  • Theft, fire, vandalism, and other covered losses even while your travel/camping trailer is in storage
  • Emergency Road Service in the event of a breakdown while traveling with your travel/camping trailer

Talk to an FNISC agent to learn which coverage may suit your particular needs and trailer size.

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Travel/Camping Trailer Insurance or Motorhome Insurance?

Not sure which to pick? It’s easy. Choose travel/camping trailer insurance if what’s to be insured is towed. Choose motorhome insurance if what’s to be insured is driven.

Covering What’s Inside Your Travel/ Camping Trailer

Items such as jewelry, cameras, bicycles, fishing equipment, golf clubs, and even the things that make your travel/camping trailer feel like home may need extra protection. Ensure they’re also covered with a personal articles policy that goes beyond your travel/camping trailer policy.
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