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Rental Property Insurance

Open the door to rental property insurance.

What is landlord insurance?

Rental Property Insurance also called Landlord insurance refers to insurance policies that are designed to meet the needs of people or companies that own and rent out property. These policies typically cover property damage, for example, if a fire or storm damages the building. Landlord insurance also typically provides liability protection in case the landlord is sued by a third party, for example, if a visitor is injured on the property and files a lawsuit.

Who needs landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is a smart investment for anyone who rents out property. This is true whether you have a single property or you own multiple buildings.

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Rental Homes

A rental dwelling policy helps pay for property damage, injury and liability claims made against you, even loss of rental income for losses resulting from covered claims.

Condo Units

A rental condo unit owners policy will help protect your property, furnishings, liability, and even make up for lost rents for losses resulting from covered claims.

Protection for Apartment Owners

Insurance for landlords can provide coverage for property, liability, loss of income and more. It can be customized to fit your needs.
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